1. Birthday present for the sis.


  2. I promise I will get my printer up and running up at some point so you wont have to deal with these shit quality phone pics.

  3. jessdef:

    Progress (little something I’ve been working on in between uni work.) Still a long way to go  back having to put it on the back burner until all my uni stuff is up to date.

  4. Concept.

  5. Progress

  6. Until I get my printer set up you will have to deal with shitty phone pics.

  7. Really should start working on actual work

  8. finally started drawing something i don’t look at and hate instantly.

  9. Part of a series I did on the women’s institute.

  10. Killers

  11. Ian Brady
    Myra Hindley
    Aileen Wuornos
    Ted Bundy


    (I’m aware Bundy looks like Rollins)

  12. my entry last year for the penguin book awards

  13. Hi my names Jess I’m currently studying illustration.

    O and I hate everything.